Campus Ambassadors Program

Africa on China’s Campus Leaders Ambassadors Program (AoCCLAP) is our hallmark youth initiative to empower young Africans to take the lead in negotiating Africa’s relationship with China.

The year-long program assists African students in developing their knowledge about Africa-China relations, refining their leadership skills, and deepening their exposure and access to Africa-China related resources in order to embolden them to make positive contributions in this space.

The program offers unique opportunities relevant to student-leaders including: training and support on student leadership, organizing, and mobilization, mentorship, and access to members only platforms to study, live, visit, and do business in China. In exchange, student leaders are to organize and lead an AoC student chapter on their campus and report on their work.

Since its inception, our students have been trained and mentored by some of the most influential names in the Africa-China space. We hope they will be the next leaders to change the story of the continent. We are very grateful for the support from the community

Help Us Build The Next Generation
Of African Leaders

From The Ambassadors

For me, the gains from the fellowship program are priceless, especially, when I consider the training on personal leadership development, teamwork, professionalism, writing, and the resources on China-Africa relations. To crown it all, the mentorship aspect and the sessions where I featured as a panelist gave me so much motivation and inspiration to lead as a young African.
Udeme Udoh
University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Before I was shortlisted and granted an interview to join the African on China Campus Leadership Ambassadors Programme ( AoCCLAP) I knew something about the Sino-African Space but the one-year long programme gave me in-depth knowledge about the Sino-African Space. The Programme Sharpened my leadership skills, I now became effective in whatever I do as a leader. I also learnt a lot from the amazing mentors that were on board to help us actualize our various dreams in the Sino African Space and also I got to connect with other Youths from the continent who were also campus Ambassadors in their various universities.
Kofi Boateng
University of Ghana, Ghana
Should there be an avenue to understand the undertones of the Sino-Africa connection; the AoC Ambassadors Program is the boulevard. It has exposed me to lots of happenings between the duo I have no doubt the prospective role of this platform in educating and impacting the right knowledge as regards the Sino-African relationship to the African youth and public
Divine Omale
University of Benin, Nigeria