These Are The Young African Leaders In The Africa-China Space, 2020

Meet the 2020-2021 Africans on China Campus Ambassadors

In 2019, we launched our inaugural Africans on China Campus Leaders Ambassadors Program (AoCCLAP) program with the mission to develop the next generation of African leaders, especially in the Africa-China space.

In mid-2019, we selected seven (7) youth leaders in universities across three (3) African countries – Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya. To date, this group has written on top China-Africa platforms, contributed ideas and thoughts to China-Africa space, and made their mark as leaders in their university campuses and communities.

This year, applications to the program tripled, as did our selected ambassadors, with thirteen (13) new ambassadors across four (4) African countries – Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Rwanda.

These young people are powerful change agents who are ready to develop their leadership skills and make positive contributions in the Africa-China space. With our training and exposure, they will access platforms, experts, and support with which to begin making their contributions.

Our sincere gratitude to Beijing-based Africa-China consultancy, Kente & Silk, for partnering with us on this important initiative.

Meet our ambassadors:

Janet Afi Mireku

Janet Afi Mireku – University of Ghana, Ghana

Janet is a Theatre Arts major at the University of Ghana, Legon, class of 2021. She aspires to use the knowledge and skills obtained from educational drama to become a child instructor. She believes AoCCLAP will provide her with the skills to better impact other young minds for the Africa of tomorrow.

Anchimbom Ndichia

Anchimbom Ndichia – The University of Yaounde 2, SOA, Cameroon

Anchimbom is a student of the University of Yaounde 2, SOA of the class of 2020. He majors in Economics and works part-time in various roles for a publishing house, Destiny Prints Publishers. Anchimbom is keen on development, human-centered design, and international relations. Upon graduation, Anchimbom wants to study international relations at the Master’s level to foster development in Cameroon and Africa. He believes AOCCLAP will sharpen his leadership skills in this direction.

Orire Agbaje

Orire Agbaje – University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Orire is a student at the University of Ibadan majoring in Economics. She plans to pursue a career in finance through accounting. She volunteers for various organizations (Marvel Sickle Cell Foundation, volunteer hub Africa, etc) and is a youth advocate of SDGs. She believes she will learn valuable skills through this program.

Ngeh Betty Lum

Ngeh Betty Lum – University of Yaounde 2 SOA, Cameroon

Betty is a final year economics student at the University of Yaounde 2 SOA. She is studying economics and management and is a manager of a health association, Kumba Community Program for HIV and AIDs. She began university at the age of 26 to impact her community and to be an example that “you can achieve your dreams no matter your situation”. Upon graduation, Betty wants to become a successful entrepreneur and pursue more students in human resource management. She believes that AoCCLAP will help refine her leadership skills to continue to be a model for others on the continent.

Richard Boakye

Richard Boakye – Koforidua Technical University, Ghana

Richard is a student of the Koforidua Technical University (Ghana-West Africa) pursuing a Higher National Diploma in Environmental Management and Technology and the Students’ Ambassador of the Ghana National Union of Technical Students. He is planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Safety and Engineering after his National Service. He believes the AoC program will help to shape his leadership skills and potential.

Molly Wemah

Molly Wemah- University of Ghana, Ghana

Molly is a student at the University of Ghana currently pursuing a BA in Political Science. Molly is passionate about development and security and hopes to obtain a Master’s in International Relations and pursue a career in this field to formulate and implement policies that are going to positively impact the lives of citizens in her country. Molly believes that AoCCLAP is going to serve as a foundation to develop her skills and talents to become a better leader in the future.

Olubuse Esther

Olubuse Olufunmilayo Esther – Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria

Olufunmilayo is a student of Olabisi Onabanjo University of the class of 2024. She majors in Law and serves as a member of both International and local organizations such as Young International Council for Commercial Arbitration, Young African Leadership Initiative, Bright Network UK. Upon graduation, Olufunmilayo is looking to build a career in technology law or international law specifically Legal Data Analyst or Human Right Activist. She believes AoCCLAP will sharpen her leadership skills and groom her to become a better vision of herself.

Joseph Appiah-Danquah

Joseph Appiah-Danquah – University of Ghana, Ghana

Joseph is a student of the University of Ghana of the class of 2022. He majors in Political science and Chinese. He currently serves as the President of the Chinese Students Association of Ghana. He is passionate about Asian studies (Chinese language and culture) and plans to pursue a career in diplomacy upon graduation. He believes AoCCLAP will help sharpen, improve, and build his capacity as a campus and youth leader and also provide a platform of meeting similar minds in the Africa-China space.

Ellen Agyemang

Ellen Agyemang – The University of Ghana, Legon

Ellen is a student of the University of Ghana currently studying Chinese and Political Science. She also serves as the Vice President for the Chinese Students Association of Ghana, University of Ghana (CHISAG UG) for the 2020/2021 academic year. Upon graduation, Ellen will become a Teaching Assistant in the Chinese Department at the University of Ghana with the aim of working with a multinational Chinese company. She strongly believes AoCCLAP will broaden and deepen her exposure and accessibility in Chinese affairs to aid her make relevant contributions to the fellowship and the student populace at large.

Kaliza Curie

Kaliza Kabera Nadine Curie – University of Rwanda, Rwanda

Kaliza Kabera is a student of The University of Rwanda of the class of 2021. She is pursuing Business Information Technology studies and is a photographer who owns a small fashion house. Upon graduation, she plans to pursue her Master’s in Project Management and grow her business globally. She strongly believes that AoCCLAP will sharpen her leadership skills so that she can become the great leader she dreams of being.

Martin Osei-Otchere

Martin Odihene Osei-Otchere – Koforidua Technical University, Ghana

Martin is a student of Koforidua Technical University of the class of 2020. He majors in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. He is a student activist and the Vice President of the Institution of Debate and Public Speaking Society. Upon graduation, Martin will study Logistics and Port and shipping administration. He believes AoCCLAP will sharpen his leadership skills and capacity.

Adeseun Rasaq

Adeseun Rasaq – The University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Adeseun is a student of The University of Ibadan of the class of 2022. He majors in Organizational and Industrial Psychology. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and has started impacting lives through several entrepreneurial programs. He is a member of The Students Representative Council of The Students’ Union, University of Ibadan, and believes that AoCCLAP will help him to continue to refine his skills.

Triphine Igabineza

Triphine Igabineza – University of Rwanda, Rwanda

Triphine Igabineza is a businesswoman and a student at the University of Rwanda where she is studying business and information technology. Triphine’s dream is to become a successful entrepreneur and with a business where she imports goods from China to Rwanda, she has found a need to develop different skills to effectively manage her business. She hopes AoCCLAP will help in improving her leadership skills and inform her on interaction between China and Africa.

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